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The challenges in the digital sphere are met with a multitude of calls for action and declarations worldwide.

‘It is about digital, stupid’ is the main message from Jean-Claude Junker, the new president of the European Commission.

This is a recording of the DiploFoundation webinar: 'The European Commission's proposal on Internet governance negotiations', held on March 7 2014. Presented by: Andrea Glorioso (EU Commission)

The European Commission is undoubtedly a very active player in the Internet governance (IG) process.

[Update] The webinar digest, recording, and presentation are available

Today, the European Union announced its plans to develop a Global Internet Policy Observatory (GIPO), an online platform designed to increase global participation in debates and decisions on Intern

What is the role of the European Commission in the global governance of the Internet? What are the key principles and objectives that guide the European Commission's work in this area?

[Update] Scroll down to the section 'Also of Interest' below to read the webinar digest, where you can also watch/download an audio recording of the webi

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