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'I found that living in a developed economy is quite different from living in my developing country env

'There is a huge need for online learning infrastructure at the national level in my country and I am s

'It is a sustainable project with great  results.

'My vision for Malawi is to have educational institutions connected to the Internet and to each other.

'I am equally humbled to have found myself in a position to utilise the Internet and all of its potenti

‘I believe whistle-blowing websites have a greater role to play in the future of the humankind.

‘I can confirm that the level of awareness of IG issues is increasing amongst the general

‘A critical activity will be information dissemination – educating people about IG issues and assisting

'I also see an increasing responsibility for leaders to govern equitably, fairly, and with justi


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Towards more inclusive and effective diplomacy

Diplo is a non-profit foundation established by the governments of Malta and Switzerland. Diplo works to increase the role of small and developing states, and to improve global governance and international policy development.

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