Negotiation Skills is a practical, interactive course that equips participants with the skills to successfully prepare, undertake, and conclude negotiations in formal and informal settings with government and non-government actors. The first two week...
 14 Oct 2019

Earn an accredited Master’s degree without taking time off work. The Master/Postgraduate Diploma in Contemporary Diplomacy guides working diplomats and international relations professionals through the theoretical and practical building blocks of ...

Economic diplomacy deals with the nexus between power and wealth in international affairs. Economic diplomacy not only promotes the state’s prosperity but also, as occasion demands and opportunity permits, manipulates its foreign commercial and fina...

Why do we need diplomats? Diplomats are members of a profession developed over many centuries. But why do we still need them in a world transformed by electronic communications? This course examines the nature of diplomacy; when it is appropriate;...

Effective bilateral diplomacy is essential to advancing a country’s external interests. Bilateral diplomacy is a key building block of international relations, i.e. the way a pair of countries deals with each other. This course offers a practition...

Explore the origins of multilateral diplomacy and its evolution within a dynamic and rapidly changing environment. This course introduces participants to the diplomatic interaction among more than two actors, with particular emphasis on the multil...
Start date:   20 Jul 2020
The Geneva II talks have just ended with little to show for them, or so the press claims. They started out with an undiplomatic outburst by the Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem directed at UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, when he was asked to r...
 5 Feb 2014

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In sharp contrast to the openness and transparency of our time, the Iran nuke deal, a major diplomatic development, was negotiated covertly in Oman and discretely in Geneva. Is this the return of diplomacy to ‘normality’ after a...
 27 Nov 2013

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From the faraway days when representatives of fighting tribes tried to arrange for a truce, thereby risking their head, to the often derided endless discussions within present day international frameworks, the common aim of diplomacy has remained persuasion. The better a diplomat is at persuading, the more successful he will be in furthering the cause he represents.

Persuasion, The Essence of Diplomacy
 Dietrich Kappeler , 2008

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Excerpt from Aldo Matteucci's lates blog "Controlling the Narrative" Diplomacy in the end is also (today even mainly) about “controlling the narrative”. A good diplomat will be keenly aware of this. There are two in...
 26 Jan 2012

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