Internet governance (IG) may be more important to you than you realise. Have you been reading and worrying about cybersecurity threats? Does online surveillance concern you and your colleagues? These are important IG issues. Learning more about IG...

Today’s headlines often feature the word ‘cyber’, reporting on threats related to the virtual world: online child abuse, stolen credit cards and virtual identities, malware and viruses, botnets and denial-of-service attacks on corporate and governmen...
Start date:   11 Oct 2021

This study examines the advantages and possibilities for the use of digital signatures to carry out electronic transactions. It focuses on developing and transition countries that have not fully implemented the use of digital signatures in their economic, commercial and productive processes. An important aim of this research is to create awareness on the likely effects for enforcing the use of digital signatures to carry out e-commerce transactions on the economies of developing and transition countries. The study also proposes key issues to be considered for policy-makers in countries in order to consider in fostering the evelopment of e-commerce.

Internet governance research paper
 Guilherme de Almeida, Alfonso Avila, Violeta Boncanoska, 2007
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Twitter followers these days could notice an intensive buzz about the recent Comodo case – a serious security breach within the system of trusted authorities for web certificates. The news is, however, not in ‘what’ or ‘how&rs...
 3 Apr 2011

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