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Diplomats and practitioners discussed the way forward for digital diplomacy and how to overcome key challenges, during last week’s international conference in Geneva

The conference aims to serve as a platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences, and to encourage co-operation in the fie

21st century life is fundamentally shaped by digital technology. Comprehending the discourse of ‘cyber’, ‘digital’, and ‘technology’ seems as taxing as it does problematic.

With this event we asked: ‘What can sci-fi teach us about digital politics and its future?’ and brought together policy makers, diplomats, designers, writers, and other creative people.

The event ‘CyberMediation: The impact of digital technologies on the prevention and resolution of violent conflicts’ took place at the Palais des Nations within the context of the G

This blended learning course, combining online learning with weekly face-to-face meetings, will be delivered by DiploFoundation from 8 October to 5 December 2018.

Prof. Jovan Kurbalija (Director of DiploFoundation and Head of Geneva Internet Platform) will take part in Session 1: Talkshow - Technology, Does It Changes Diplomacy?


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Towards more inclusive and effective diplomacy

Diplo is a non-profit foundation established by the governments of Malta and Switzerland. Diplo works to increase the role of small and developing states, and to improve global governance and international policy development.

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