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'Common but differentiated responsibility - A cognitive toolkit for climate change' Diplo animation on cognitive toolkit for climate change. Production: Diplo

'The public is constantly told by the media that climate science can’t be trusted, the models are flawed, and action on climate change is a costly gamble.

Who is a refugee? Who should be offered protection from human suffering? Much depends on how we define legal concepts.

Allow me to paraphrase John F. Kennedy in my way and say: My fellow Diplo lecturers, praise not what you can ask the students, praise what the students can ask you!

There is general agreement that the recent climate change negotiations in Doha were a failure from many perspectives, especially with regards to making progress towards a post-Kyoto regime as well

Let’s bring out the big questions: Should climate change negotiations be organised according to the “one state one vote” principle?

One of the few widely praised decisions coming out of the recent climate change negotiations (COP18) is a text on “loss and damage.” It is generally hailed as an important acknowledgement of histor

Is it time to change how we communicate about climate change? Is it time to reverse the gloom and doom and create a vision of what might be in a good sense rather than what will be in a bad sense?

The New Yorker has a real corker of a story online on possible tech fixes to combat climat

How to teach about climate change is a key question. While the physical science basis is important, it is clearly not enough and maybe shouldn't even be our main focus.


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