The Cybersecurity Diplomacy course equips professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to act effectively in cybersecurity diplomacy. This online course analyses how the abuse of technology impacts geopolitical security, social and economi...
Start date:   17 May 2021
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Enhancing sustainable capacity building on internet governance (IG) would have positive consequences within and beyond the African context. Considering the importance of the issues that fall under the framework of IG – ranging from providing access
to infrastructure to promoting cybersecurity and fostering emerging technologies – it is possible to conclude that
strengthening IG capacity building could ultimately contribute to developing the capacities required for implementing
the Digital Transformation Strategy for Africa (2020-2030) (African Union, 2020a) and the Agenda 2063 (AU Commission, 2015), Africa’s strategic framework for achieving the continent’s development and technological transformation. 

This report takes into consideration the contribution that IG capacity building can make in assisting African stakeholders to achieve the digital policy objectives they have set for themselves, as well as strengthening their capacity to influence the course of international discussions on digital issues.

The report is available for download.

View the recording of the report launch event.

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Digital version, 44 pages

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2020, DiploFoundation

Marilia Maciel
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Is Diplo Resource
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