What makes one set of words more convincing than another, and how can language best be put to work in the service of diplomacy and international relations?   This course promotes language awareness as a means of improving the skills of opinion shaper...

Even after nine years of Internet Governance Forums (IGFs), Internet governance is still in its infancy. Experience from other international regimes (e.g. environment, air transport, arms control) has shown that such regimes have to develop a common ...

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A friend of mine asked me, the other day, whether I was worried about the impending gravitational effect of the alignment[1] between the Sun and the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy (known as Sagittarius A*) – creating havoc ...
 30 Jul 2012

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The final paper in this volume, by Jovan Kurbalija, is based on the experience of ten years of research and development work in the field of information technology and diplomacy. Kurbalija explains the relevance and potential of hypertext software tools for the field of diplomacy. With a number of case studies drawn from the hypertext system developed by Diplo and illustrated with screen shots, Kurbalija illustrates exactly why diplomatic activities are so well suited to hypertext. He concludes with a question: "why, with all of its potential in diplomacy and other fields, has hypertext not yet been adopted on a large scale?"

Language and Diplomacy. Ed by J. Kurbalija and H. Slavik (2001)
 Jovan Kurbalija , 2001

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