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Digital commerce course From 29 January to 14 March 2018 a course on digital commerce was offered by DiploFoundation, CUTS International Geneva, the International Trade Centre (ITC), the Geneva Internet Platform(GIP), and delivered with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). It consisted of an six-week course offered to the Geneva-based staff of permanent missions of developing countries and LDCs. Online learning was complemented with weekly face-to-face meetings in Geneva, bringing together faculty and participants for informal lunch-time discussions. The course followed a just-in-time approach, presenting the flexibility to incorporate current developments into the learning process. At the end of the course, participants were invited to share their feedback. The course benefit diplomats who follow digital trade negotiations on the multilateral and bilateral levels. While improving their knowledge of e-commerce, participants also gain the practical skills and information required to discuss specific digital policy aspects, such as cross-border data flows, data localisation, cybersecurity, consumer protection and the implication of emerging technologies to digital trade, such as the Internet of Things and 3D printing. The course focuses in particular on digital trade negotiations and policy processes taking place in International Geneva. Visit Diplo's website: | ecommerce, DigitalCommerce, Course, DiploFoundation,
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