The Mediterranean Academy of Diplomacy has recently organised two international conferences addressing the future of diplomacy.

Author: Jovan Kurbalija,

This paper describes and discusses public diplomacy from the practitioner’s perspective

Author: Pamela H. Smith,

The time of diplomacy is far from over. This paper discusses how its role will become ever more central as most important affairs will have to be handled at global, regional and sub-regional levels.

Author: Dietrich Kappeler,

Opening address of the Honourable Dr. George F. Vella, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Environment of Malta

Author: George Vella,

This paper discusses the problem of diplomatic representation. Diplomats should remind themselves and others that they are first and foremost the representatives of sovereign states, that this is their raison d’être and a precondition for anything else they might aspire to be or to do.

Author: Paul Sharp,

Diplomacy as practiced by foreign services and foreign ministries has seemed in recent years to be in decline. Or is it? This paper discusses the history and evolution of diplomacy - and the distance it has travelled.

Author: Richard Langhorne,

The Internet and diplomats of the twenty century: how new information technologies affect the ordinary work of diplomats

Author: Stefano Baldi,

 Sanctions adversely affect all the structures of the state and society, and render difficult, if not impossible, the normal operation of services, including the Foreign Service.This paper discusses the challenges faced by the Yugoslav diplomatic service when the country was under sanction.

Author: Milan Mitic,

This paper discusses whether IT is functioning mainly as an instrument of states in their quest for power and wealth or is principally operating as a transformative agent by market forces and various sectors of civil society.

Author: Richard Falk,

As the new South Africa adapts to an ever-changing regional, continental and global environment, this paper reviews current developments against the background of the historic situation and of the evolution of diplomacy world-wide.

Author: Marie Muller,