The Internet and diplomats of the twenty century: how new information technologies affect the ordinary work of diplomats

Author: Stefano Baldi,

 Sanctions adversely affect all the structures of the state and society, and render difficult, if not impossible, the normal operation of services, including the Foreign Service.This paper discusses the challenges faced by the Yugoslav diplomatic service when the country was under sanction.

Author: Milan Mitic,

This paper discusses whether IT is functioning mainly as an instrument of states in their quest for power and wealth or is principally operating as a transformative agent by market forces and various sectors of civil society.

Author: Richard Falk,

As the new South Africa adapts to an ever-changing regional, continental and global environment, this paper reviews current developments against the background of the historic situation and of the evolution of diplomacy world-wide.

Author: Marie Muller,

Although many have grappled with the question of what privileges and immunities international officials should enjoy, no satisfactory theoretical framework has evolved.

Author: Linda S. Frey, Marsha Frey,

The role of the legal adviser in modern diplomatic servicesThis paper discusses the role of the legal adviser in modern diplomacy services and the efforts that must go into preserving all possibilities, meagre as they may be, to raise his voice and keep making efforts which eventually could lead

Author: Stanko Nick,

As times change so do customs generally. In diplomacy protocol too changes and develops, mirroring broader societal norms. This paper discusses developments in protocol and how it provides the commonly accepted norms of behaviour for the conduct of relations between states.

Author: Erik Goldstein,

The functioning of diplomacy is influenced by a complicated combination of different interrelated factors.

Author: Vladimir Petrovsky,

This paper provides a brief summary of the main issues relevant to the contemporary role of diplomatic spouses and its future in the contemporary European context. It outlines some of the measures being introduced by Foreign Services to respond to the changing role and position of spouses.

Author: Annabel Hendry,

The Mediterranean Academy of Diplomacy has recently organised two international conferences addressing the future of diplomacy.

Author: Jovan Kurbalija,