Professor Raymond Cohen writes that "when negotiation takes place across languages and cultures the scope for misunderstanding increases.

Author: Raymond Cohen,

Conference interpreters Vicky Cremona and Helena Mallia outline the different types of conference interpretation, difficulties in interpretation, preparation and techniques, and team work. On the topic of diplomatic conferences they point out that "confidence in the interpreters is essential.

Author: Vicky Ann Cremona, Helena Mallia,

Rather than individual documents, Dr Keith Hamilton looks at the process and purpose of compiling collections of documents.

Author: Keith Hamilton,

Professor Paul Sharp discusses negotiation with American mediators. He notes that most literature on negotiation is written to advise Americans and other Westerners about negotiating with foreigners.

Author: Paul Sharp,

The final paper in this volume, by Jovan Kurbalija, is based on the experience of ten years of research and development work in the field of information technology and diplomacy. Kurbalija explains the relevance and potential of hypertext software tools for the field of diplomacy.

Author: Jovan Kurbalija,

In the preface below, Jovan Kurbalija and Hannah Slavik introduce the chapters in the book, and extract the general themes covered by the various authors.

Author: Jovan Kurbalija, Hannah Slavik,

Edmond Pascual interprets diplomatic communication with the linguistic tools of pragmatics.

Author: Edmond Pascual (Translation from French by Helena Mallia),

Ambassador Kishan Rana introduces the dimension of diplomatic signalling.

Author: Kishan Rana,

The first paper, presented by Prof. Peter Serracino-Inglott as the keynote address at the 2001 conference, examines the serious issue of diplomatic communication in a playful manner, through one of the most paradigmatic and creative examples of language use: joking.

Author: Peter Serracino-Inglott,

Ivan Callus and Ruben Borg apply a very different set of tools to the analysis of diplomatic discourse. Their paper applies the discourse of deconstruction, a form of literary criticism, to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

Author: Ivan Callus, Ruben Borg,