This paper focuses on interactions between states, international organisations and local authorities in the implementation of the Dayton Accords for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Author: Nadia Boyadjieva and Kostadin Grozev,

Diplomats are people who are on the fringe somewhere, because they are either permanently living in or at least dealing with alien cultures, cultures with different values.

Author: Geert Hofstede,

This paper presents a number of case studies illustrating the role of jargon, protocols and uniforms in creating communication problems.

Author: Stefano Baldi and Eduardo Gelbstein,

IC and Diplomacy - Intercultural Competence and its Relevance for International DiplomacyThe changing nature of international diplomacy requires new knowledge and awareness of intercultural and other skills needed to perform effectively in the role of diplomat.

Author: Daniel J. Kealey, Doug MacDonald and Thomas Vulpe,

Building international diplomacy requires understanding ourselves, others, and how we relate together. It also involves understanding how others relate among themselves.

Author: Sandra Gillespie,

Diplomats have often been blamed for failing to prevent the outbreak of the First World War.

Author: Dietrich Kappeler,

IC and Diplomacy - Lessons from Two Fields: A Diplomat and
an Interculturalist Converse

Author: Lewis R. Macfarlane and Heather Robinson,

The goal of this article is to introduce readers to the complexity of the organisational culture of UN agencies in order to limit possible misunderstandings about the functioning of the UN and its agencies and in order to make diplomatic interactions with UN agencies as efficient and

Author: Raymond Saner and Lichia Yiu,

Europe has many borders. Its small countries with millenary histories and diversities offer a variety of intercultural challenges.

Author: Elena A. A. Garcea,

This essay examines how intercultural communication differences among nations can inadvertently magnify tensions during a crisis when nations rely on their own cultural style of public diplomacy to communicate with foreign publics.

Author: R.S. Zaharna,