There is hardly any need to stress that the relations between the adherents of the three great religions of the Mediterranean, as indeed of all other religions, are more affected by the images that each group has of the other than by the precise content of the theological beliefs held by the spir

Author: Peter Serracino Inglott,

Open communication and interaction between political elites and civic society is considered one of the fundamental conditions of a representative, working democracy.

Author: Valeriu Nicolae,

How do negotiators and other conflict resolution practitioners from different cultures create shared  understanding? Is shared understanding enough to bridge deep differences?

Author: Nike Carstarphen,

This essay examines and seeks to explode the notion that diplomats are, or should be, immune to emotion in the conduct of their duties.

Author: Wynne Elizabeth Russell,

Basic concepts mean different things in different cultures. In multilateral relations this means that looking at such a concept is always culturally biased.

Author: Dietrich Kappeler,

The Hutton inquiry into the death of Dr David Kelly, the senior British arms inspector in the UN inspection mission to Iraq who was found dead in an English wood in July 2003, offers revealing insights into the contrasting professional cultures of journalists, politicians and scientists.

Author: Biljana Scott,

This papers examines how the Macedonians and the Albanians live in Macedonia. How do they communicate? Is there friendship everywhere? How do the two nations, live together, how do they communicate.

Author: Marina Tuneva-Jovanovska,

Today the world is becoming smaller and smaller - distances shrink and become irrelevant, information flows are immense and very fast. People tend to speak foreign languages and, to their surprise, find out that this is not enough. There is more to it, and it is culture.

Author: Alena Korshuk,

Foreign cultural policy is in itself vital for establishing long lasting and deep relations between countries in international intercourse.

Author: Heinrich Reimann,

Communication between information technologists and their clients – including diplomats - does not work as well as it should. We know that information technology has become ubiquitous.

Author: Eduardo Gelbstein,