‘Internet governance (IG) is a new field which lacks expertise in Madagascar.

Author: Zoniaina Fitahiana Rakotomalala,

‘Some of the major issues in the African region that we, as individuals, have to face are infrastructure implementation, awareness, and education.

Author: Duksh Kumar Koonjoobeeharry,

‘I can confirm that the level of awareness of IG issues is increasing amongst the general ICT community, and even more people from Botswana getting involved in IG issues at local level and

Author: Gaongalelwe-Gaolaolwe Mosweu,

‘My personal knowledge reflects other cultures and types of people in Fiji and the Pacific.

Author: Anju Mangal,

‘I strongly believe that personal development is most important for my teaching and research.

Author: Lenandlar Singh,

‘I believe whistle-blowing websites have a greater role to play in the future of the humankind.

Author: Felix Samakande,

‘Capacity building is necessary to allow for equal participation...

Author: Angelic Caroline Alihusain-del Castilho,

‘Students and teachers do not have to sit in the classroom or be face-to-face but can now take part in  e-learning from anywhere in the world and at any time, thanks to online facilities.’ - Shareeni Kala

Author: Shareeni Kala,

'I am equally humbled to have found myself in a position to utilise the Internet and all of its potential and  underlying capacity to be the catalyst for development and transformation in my country, in

Author: Tracy Hackshaw,

‘Witnessing the open community policy development process at the AfriNIC community led me to further appreciate the importance of the Policy Research Phase of the Diplo IGCBP.

Author: Maduka Attamah,