'Development challenges are enormous for Africa and they go beyond promoting information and communication technology.

Author: Ken Lohento,

'A worldwide community of people is built, accompanied by the network of the organisations and institutions each one represents.

Author: Vladimir Radunovic,

'My vision for Malawi is to have educational institutions connected to the Internet and to each other. This would provide for reduction in cost, as we would...

Author: Ulemu Nyasulu,

'There is a difference from taking a physical course, and some nuances of real-world, human interaction were missing.

Author: Janyl Bokonbaeva,

'It is a sustainable project with great  results.

Author: Dhrupad Mathur,

'There is a huge need for online learning infrastructure at the national level in my country and I am sure it is the same in other small island developing states...

Author: Fuatai Purcell,

'I found that living in a developed economy is quite different from living in my developing country environment.

Author: John Walubengo,

'This is not an outside imposition of technology, but an enthusiastic acceptance of support...

Author: Virginia (Ginger) Paque,