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The title of the master thesis is “Influence of economic relations on bilateral relations”.

Firstly, three thesis statements concerning the influence of economic relations on non-economic bilateral relations have been developed.

Source: Dissertation library
Author: Antje Schuett, 2010

Adriana Lazinica examines quality of counter-narcotics strategies and interventions aimed at reduction and/or elimination of illicit opium poppy cultivation and production implemented by the key stakeholders (the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the United Kingdom, the United Nation

Source: Dissertation library
Author: Adriana Lazinica, 2010

In his dissertation Valeriu Nicolae takes the position that conventional diplomacy needs not only reform, but also the development of efficient approaches towards the prevention and negotiation of interstate/intrastate ethnic conflict.

Source: Dissertation library
Author: Valeriu Nicolae, 2006

Olesya Grech investigates the impact of information and communication technologies on the conduct of modern diplomacy. Traditional methods of diplomacy are being substituted by new ones, greatly influenced by the Internet.

Source: Dissertation library
Author: Olesya Grech, 2006

The Internet for the first time entirely made possible the fulfillment of the Article 19 of the Universal Declaration – “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and i

Source: Dissertation library
Author: Nevena Ruzic, 2006

Naim Dedushaj’s thesis “Paradiplomatic relations between the United States and Kosova” studies the relations between the Albanian nation and America that date way back in history. The first Albanian immigrants moved to the United States in the second half of the 19th century.

Source: Dissertation library
Author: Naim Dedushaj, 2006

Antonis Sammoutis attempts an examination of relations between Germany and Cyprus during the years 1960-1968. He starts by examining bilateral relations in the first three years of the Republic of Cyprus and then going into the most crucial year of the conflict in Cyprus - 1964.

Source: Dissertation library
Author: Antonis Sammoutis, 2007

Burkina Faso is classified among the “Less Developed Countries” (LDCs). Its foreign policy is called “Diplomacy of development”. The first part of the dissertation presents the legal background of Burkina Faso’s international action through national references and regional settings.

Source: Dissertation library
Author: Poussi Sawadogo, 2007

Zenja Basagi explores the history of  Burundi, and reasons for the conflict.

Source: Dissertation library
Author: Zenja Basagic, 2007

The ongoing rapid process of modernization makes people largely more aware of the social and civic dynamics in which they are involved so that they demand increasing satisfaction of their higher expectations.

Source: Dissertation library
Author: Eleonora Merlicco, 2008


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