'Attending the IGF presented me with an opportunity to interact with the people behind the emails and with notable personalities in the IGF process or Internet-related institutions including the IGF secre

Author: Mwende Njiraini,

'Various governments have come up with different interventions to address these challenges, like cybersecurity which is on the rise.

Author: Godfred Ahuma,

'Even if I am participating in the process during the whole year and interacting with many people, meeting them face-to-face at an event like the IGF remains essential...

Author: Rafik Dammak,

'The government of Nigeria is making a giant stride to improve the situation by rolling out programs that would in one form or the other include Information Technology in the curricul

Author: Ijeoma Ogbuagu,

'I had to use all possible means of getting people to participate actively in the programme... What learning style does a person have?

Author: Veronica Cretu,

'To the IGF in India I brought the personal challenge to look more deeply into the arguments I was not familiar with, and to try to find the “two sides of a coin” in every speech.' - Raquel Fortes Gatto from B

Author: Raquel Fortes Gatto,

'Among all the country members of the East African Community, only Burundi, my country, was absent from that EAIGF...

Author: Jean Paul Nkurunziza,

'I am involved in strengthening education policies at a global level through a forum that will bring representatives from national and international organizati

Author: Charity Gamboa,

'I realized I needed to take part in order to get an image of what other countries and regions acting in the process were doing, and to apply this to the reconstruction process in Iraq.

Author: Rasha Hameed,

'It is necessary to focus the IGF discussion on the real problems associated with the collection and use of personal information.

Author: Katitza Rodriguez,