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The adoption of open data policies and the standardisation of data collection were among the recommendations made during DiploFoundation's Data Diplomacy Roundtable: Mapping the Field, a brainstorming...
Source: Other
Author: DiploFoundation, 2017

The study Towards a secure cyberspace via regional co-operation provides an overview of the international dialogue on establishing norms of state behaviour and confidence-building measures in cyberspace.

Source: Cybersecurity
Author: Vladimir Radunovic, 2017

Report on cybersecurity cooperation in the Western Balkans

Source: Cybersecurity
Author: Adriana Minovic, Adel Abusara, Eranda Begaj, Vladimir Erceg, Predrag Tasevski, Vladimir Radunovic, Franziska Klopfer, 2016

This text was published in the ASEF Outlook Report 2016/2017,  CONNECTIVITY: Facts and Perspectives.

Source: Other
Author: Jovan Kurbalija, 2016

Report on cybersecurity competence building trends in OECD countries

Source: Cybersecurity
Author: Vladimir Radunovic, David Rüfenacht, 2016

Dr Paul Meerts discusses persuasion in the context of the Vienna Congress (1814–1815), one of the most successful diplomatic events in history.

Source: Persuasion, The Essence of Diplomacy
Author: Paul Meerts, 2013

Dr Milan Jazbec, a practitioner and researcher in diplomacy, positions a discussion on persuasion in the sociology of diplomacy. Social context determines both diplomacy and persuasion....

Source: Persuasion, The Essence of Diplomacy
Author: Milan Jazbec, 2013

The increasing militarisation of cyber-space comes in response to fears of critical damage caused by digital weapons like Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS).

Source: Other
Author: Vladimir Radunovic, 2013

Dr Biljana Scott’s article on framing an argument introduces the linguistic and rhetoric aspects of persuasion.

Source: Persuasion, The Essence of Diplomacy
Author: Biljana Scott, 2013

On Diplo’s blog, in Diplo’s classrooms, and at Diplo’s events, dialogues stretch over a series of entries, comments, and exchanges and may even linger. DiploDialogue summarises. It’s like in sports events: DiploDialogue aims to bring focus by deleting what, in hindsight, is less relevant.

Source: DiploDialogue
Author: Aldo Matteucci and Katharina Höne, 2013


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