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Edited by Jovan Kurbalija
1998, DiploPublishing

Modern Diplomacy is a collection of papers presented in Malta at the International Conference on Information Technology and Diplomacy (May 1997) and the International Conference on Modern Diplomacy (February 1998). Papers examine technological development, new actors in international relations, the decline in the sovereignty of states, public diplomacy and globalisation. This publication is only available online.


Preface - KURBALIJA, Jovan

  1. Opening Address - VELLA, George W.
  2. The Internet And Diplomats Of The Twenty Century: How New Information Technologies Affect The Ordinary Work Of Diplomats  - BALDI, Stefano
  3. The Waning Of The State And The Waxing Of Cyberworld  - FALK, Richard
  4. A Diplomatic Analogy: International Functionaries And Their Privileges -    FREY, Linda S. and  FREY, Marsha
  5. Developments In Protocol - GOLDSTEIN, Erik
  6. From Parallel To  Dual Careers: Diplomatic Spouses In The European Context - HENDRY, Annabel
  7. Diplomacy of   Tomorrow: New Developments, New Methods, New Tools -  KAPPELER, Dietrich
  8. History and the Evolution of Diplomacy - LANGHORNE, Richard
  9. The Yugoslav Diplomatic Service Under Sanctions - MITIC, Milan
  10. Current Developments in South African Diplomacy  -   MULLER, Marie
  11. The Role of Legal Adviser in Modern Diplomatic Services - NICK, Stanko 
  12. Diplomacy as an Instrument of Good Governance - PETROVSKI, Vladimir
  13. Public Diplomacy - SMITH, Pamela H.
  14. Who Need Diplomats? The Problem of Diplomatic Representation  - SHARP, Paul
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