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Dr Katharina Höne

Researcher Diplomacy and Global Governance, Project Manager Online Learning and Publications

Originally from Germany, Dr Katharina (Kat) E Höne is currently based in Aberystwyth, Wales where she researches, writes and teaches on a number of issues in the area of diplomacy and global governance. In addition to developing a highly interactive, ten-week online course on Education Diplomacy, and an eight-week online course on Negotiation Skills, Kat also edits Diplo’s Policy Papers and Briefs publication series and curates Diplo’s monthly WebDebates in diplomacy. Together with Barbara Rosen Jacobson, she is working on Diplo's research project on data diplomacy, commissioned by the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Kat holds an MA in Diplomatic Studies (University of Leicester, UK) and a PhD in International Politics (University of Aberystwyth, UK).

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