Selected publications

Language and Diplomacy

Language is essential for public diplomacy. It is essential for framing the message for developing discourse, for persuasion. The book "Language and Diplomacy" examins various aspects of language in diplomacy, incuding:iplomatic signaling, rhetorical patterns and ambiguities; as well as new issues raised by information technology. The publication is available online and in print.

Edited by Jovan Kurbalija and Hannah Slavik
2001, DiploProjects, Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies, Malta
Paperback, 335 pages ISBN 99909-55-15-8


Twitter for Diplomats

Twitter has come in the focus of diplomatic world. Diplomats use twitter to communicate about their countries in a new way to a new emerging online communities. Twitter for Diplomats is not a manual, or a list of what to do or not to do. It is rather a collection of information, anecdotes, and experiences. It recounts a few episodes involving foreign ministers and ambassadors, as well as their ways of interacting with the tool and exploring its great potential. It wants to inspire ambassadors and diplomats to open and nurture their accounts – and it wants to inspire all of us to use Twitter to also  listen and open our minds.

Andreas Sandre
2013, DiploFoundation and Istituto Diplomatico
Paperback, 71 pages ISBN 978-99932-53-27-3

Intercultural Communicaiton and Diplomacy

Public diplomacy is often about communication between different cultures. The book examines ways and means how intercultural communicaiton affects diplomacy.Topics cover

ed include basic theory, intercultural communication in practice in diplomacy, negotiation and conflict resolution, professional and organisational cultures, and training for diplomats. The papers in this volume approach the topic of intercultural communication and diplomacy from a wide range of cultural perspectives, as the authors originate from 17 different countries and a variety of professional sectors, including foreign services, universities, businesses, and non-governmental organisations.

Edited by Hannah Slavik
2004, DiploFoundation
Paperback, 457 pages ISBN 99932-53-08-1

Persuasion, the Essence of Diplomacy

When the bells and whistles of diplomacy settle down, what remains, according to Prof. Kappeler, is persuasion. It is even more the case for public diplomacy. The book discusses persuasion in history, persuasion in theory, and persuasion in practice.

Various Authors
2013, DiploFoundation and Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies
Paperback, 135 pages ISBN 978-99932-53-26-6


Foregin Ministries: Managing Diplomatic Networks and Oprimizing Value

The book addresses the question of the  adaptation and reform of ministries of foreign affairs. It also discusses the question of placing public diplomacy in the organisation of foreign ministries and governments worlwide. The contributors are leading experts and practicioners in the feield of diplomacy.

Edited by Kishan S. Rana and Jovan Kurbalija
2007, DiploFoundation
Paperback, 380 pages ISBN 978-99932-53-16-7

Knwoledge and Diplomacy

The book discusses relevance of knowledge and information management for diplomatic services. It touches on the issues related to publci diplomacy such as presentation of knowledge and information.

Edited by Jovan Kurbalija
2002, DiploPublishing


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