Graduates of the Postgraduate Diploma in Contemporary Diplomacy are eligible to write a Master's dissertation and obtain a Master's degree in Contemporary Diplomacy. Master's candidates must write a 25 000 word dissertation on a topic of their choice, approved by the University of Malta, under the guidance of a research supervisor. Applicants may choose between full time studies (4 months) or part time studies (8 months).

Applicants may browse the Dissertation Library (a repository of dissertations submitted by graduates of the Master in Contemporary Diplomacy) for ideas on topics, and to see the typical scope and format of a Master's dissertation.

The application deadline for PGD graduates who wish to begin writing their Master's dissertations in October 2021 is 15 June 2021. Complete Application Packages must be received by this time in order to be considered.

Please note: Applicants wishing to write the Master's dissertation must have already successfully completed the Postgraduate Diploma Programme.

Application Package:

  1. Two copies of the University of Malta application form filled out in full (download form for overseas applicants; download form for applicants with Maltese qualifications). For Section A please indicate course code and title: PMCDIPPDL; Master in Contemporary Diplomacy. Please indicate clearly at the top of the form whether you are applying for full time studies (4 months) or part time studies (8 months).
  2. Two passport-size photos
  3. Dissertation proposal (please click here to download the dissertation proposal form) - to be submitted by e-mail.
  4. Application fee or proof of payment (100 euros - non-refundable - see methods of payment).

Renouncing the Postgraduate Diploma

In order to obtain the Masters degree applicants are required by the University of Malta to renounce the Postgraduate Diploma. Applicants will be asked to sign a declaration to this effect upon acceptance into the programme, and to return the diploma to the University once the dissertation has passed. Candidates who for any reason do not complete or pass the Masters programme will keep the Postgraduate Diploma.


The fee for the Master's dissertation (after completion of the PGD) is 2600 Euros.

A non-refundable application fee of 100 euros must be submitted with the application package. On commencement of the programme, the amount of the application fee will be deducted from your tuition.

In case of any queries please contact:

Please mail complete application packages to the following address:

DiploFoundation (attn Tanja Nikolic)
Anutruf, Ground Floor
Hriereb Street
Msida, MSD 1675, Malta

Tel: +356 21 333323; Fax: +356 21 315574

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