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Diplomacy is tasked to continuously adapt to an ever-changing world.

The MAPPING consortium, in collaboration with DiploFoundation as a consortium member, is holding a round table on Open Innovation in the Proprietary World.

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What do we know about data control? Can it be identified as a new key geopolitical and economic power factor? Will the recent tools offered by big data help diplomats in a new tech world or will they boost the 'enemies' capacity to monitor diplomatic activity?

This webinar offered an overview of cutting-edge IT technologies and a strategic vision of the integrated use of science from very different fields such as data mining and classification sciences, cognitive psychology, neuroscience, psycho-finance, and semantic analysis.

Special attention will be given to the new security and defence 'revolutionary' projects created in order to develop technological tools which allow for forecasting and manipulating individual and social behaviour.

Please join us for our next advanced diplomatic webinar Big data and cyberdiplomats: Big opportunities or big problems? to be held on Friday, 11 th October at 15:00 CET (13:00 GMT) hosted by Mr Vitali Francesco.


"Open Data is a simple concept. Organisations holding datasets should place them online, in machine-readable formats, and under licenses that let anyone re-use them.

Open Gov / Open Data initiatives are more relevant in a national context than at an international level.

The rapid rise of the Internet has encouraged the use of open, real-time, and linked data to help understand

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