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Geza Jeszenszky, Hungary’s ambassador to Norway, has ticked off about 100 University teachers, students and researchers with text he used in a university text book which they think ‘stigmatises’ th

As my number of friends on Facebook creeps towards an abitrary figure above which I have decided that the list would be unmanageable, I am at a loss to decide who to defriend. Will they notice?

I've come to accept the place social media has in our twenty-first-century lives and although I bemoan the fact that real-life communication is being replaced by virtual communication, that real-li

The political spectrum in Hungary has been providing lots of food for thought and discussion in recent weeks.Topics like Internet governance,  media censorship, anti-Semitism and europhobia are bei

A recent report by Demos traces the rise of populism through online behaviour.

Hungary has been in the news a lot lately, not least with its controversial media act and the alleged erosion of democracy by the current Prime Minister and his party.

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