February 2013 online diplomacy courses

18 February 2013 -


Our first session of online courses for 2013 features some of our most popular courses: Current Issues in the United Nations, Diplomatic Theory and Practice, Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette, Language and Diplomacy, and Public Diplomacy. Due to high interest, we’ve extended the application deadline to 1 February.

Who should apply?

Working diplomats, professionals involved in international relations, and others who wish to learn about new topics in the field of diplomacy or expand and refresh their knowledge of more traditional topics. 

How much study time will I need?

Ten weeks of part-time study, around five to seven hours per week.

How does the online course work?

You will work through study materials provided in the online classroom together with other participants, following a weekly cycle. Each week, you read lecture texts, adding questions and comments and responding to those added by other participants and the lecturer(s). Other weekly activities may include self-assessment quizzes, short assignments, discussion forum topics and group tasks. At the end of the weekly cycle, you will meet with other participants and lecturers in an online chat room to discuss the topic for the week.

Please see our online course catalogue for more information about each course, and to apply or contact admissions@diplomacy.edu.

There is no greater sense of dynamism than to explore developments as they unfold. Humanitarian aid, intervention in Libya, responsibility to protect, United Nations Security Council reform, drafting and analysis of UN documents … these are but a sample in the rich field of topical issues and practical application through which Dr Petru Dimitriu and his knowledgeable team expertly guided ‘Current Issues in the United Nations (Multilateral Diplomacy II). I now evaluate world events with keener insight and have a wider appreciation of the gargantuan challenges in tackling global concerns. 

Anna Durante – Crown Counsel, Government of the Virgin Island