Diplo's Data Engine


Diplo’s Data Engine is a framework which combines data collecting, processing, and presenting that data in an understandable manner. It additionally provides an in-depth understanding of technology in our search for optimal governance and policy solutions. 

We invite you and your organisation to join us on this exciting journey in discovering how data can advance the development of the modern society.

The Data Engine supports several projects, including the Data Sandbox and the Countries-Companies Comparison, with many new projects to come.


Data Sandbox

data sandbox


The Data Sandbox was developed as a pilot project for  the Road to Bern dialogues. Its aim is to better understand data which involves countries from around the world.

Data on climate change, COVID-19, and digital developments are made comparable according to the population of the country. Diplomats and researchers can identify patterns in a country's position across different datasets. These patterns should trigger further research on issues such as climate change, COVID-19, migration, etc. See the Data Sandbox here.


Countries-Companies Comparison

data comparison


The Countries-Companies Comparison compares the GDP of a country with the revenues of tech companies. The comparison is visualised through the size of the country's flag and the sizes of tech companies' logos. Compare countries and tech companies here.

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