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Ryan Gener

Director of the Visa Division at the Department of Foreign Affairs, Philippines

In obtaining the Advanced Diploma in Internet Governance, I took three online courses at DiploFoundation, i.e., Introduction to Internet Governance, E-Diplomacy, and Internet Technology and Policy. As a mid-level diplomat exposed mainly to traditional diplomatic concerns, the program provided comprehensive working knowledge on the technical and policy aspects of the international governance of the Internet. The courses provided an overview of Internet Governance, probed the challenges and opportunities faced by diplomatic actors in the Internet Age, and comprehensively tackled the main online technologies and their nexus with key Internet principles. I was particularly impressed with the in-depth knowledge and diverse backgrounds of the lecturers and my classmates. The online discussions were stimulating and cutting-edge. This is an excellent program for those who wish to understand and help shape the ever-expanding online world.


Advanced Diploma in Internet Governance
September 2017


Past Diplo tudent

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