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Kai Sonda Brima

First Secretary, Sierra Leone High Commission

At DiploFoundation, the sky is your limit to acquire knowledge. Relevant materials/resources abound. Only one's available time determines one's limit. Before I started studying with Diplo I was literally in the dark as far as diplomacy today is concerned and where it is heading to. I relied on the knowledge of some 'experienced ' colleagues in my ministry for nine years; little did I know that this so-called experience had 'expired'. DiploFoundation gives the most current of what's happening in the diplomatic world today.

What I personally enjoy at Diplo is the convenience with which I can learn so much. I am in my job full time and learning as much as I can, strengthening my capacity and widening my horizon in the field of diplomacy to infinitely increase my confidence.

For me there were a few challenges in coping with the Information Technology involved but later I enjoyed almost everything as I found myself in the middle of a dynamic learning  system where everything I learn is relevant for my job/country and life in general.

I feel like being a permanent part of the system at DiploFoundation.


Public Diplomacy
April 2011


Master/PGD student

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