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Diplo began activities in the field of climate change diplomacy in 2008. Since then, Diplo has initiated several conferences and events, and created an online course with scholarship opportunities for diplomats, civil servants and academics from small and developing states. Diplo’s Climate Change Building illustration has contributed to awareness raising, publications, and training. High levels of interaction in the online course led to the establishment of an active and vibrant online Climate Change Community and a Twitter channel (@climate_diplo). As part of our Translate Climate project, community members have contributed to and translated the Climate Change Building into a variety of languages (with further translations ongoing) making this a key resource. Diplo’s activities, community and resources aim to increase the participation of those most affected by climate change in the climate change policy formation and implementation.

We invite you to join us. This page shows examples of our activities and resources in this field. Bookmark this page to keep abreast of what's happening.


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