Editor   25 Jul 2011  

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As the financial markets begin to understand the real meaning of the Eurozone rescue plan, decided last Thursday in Brussels, doubts remain over its efficiency and its capacity to prevent contagion from Greece to other countries.

There are little doubts that the single currency is here to stay. But at what price? Can Europe's economy really recover? And can countries like Portugal, Ireland, Spain, or Italy get back on track?

Moreover, what does the Euro crisis mean for Europe's soft power?

Join us on Tuesday, 26th July, at 15:00 CET, for an in-depth analysis by our host, Richard Werly, European Affairs correspondent for the Swiss daily Le Temps.

Participants will have the possibility of asking questions to understand better how the Euro crisis is shaping Europe’s future.


Event: [Webinar] The Eurozone 'time-bomb': Can the single currency be rescued for good?

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