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Mary May 20, 2013

'Nanotechnology is already is the hands of inventive 18-year olds - and (even) women!' Well, that certainly woke me out of my matronly stupor this morning ,Aldo. The name Hedy Lamarr comes to mind. Do you know of her? She was an Austrian actress - gorgeous, talented, and icon in her day.She was also a pioneer in the area of wireless communication and along with some chap by the name of George Anthiel, developed a system whereby they manipulated radio frequencies at regular intervals in between transmission and reception thus forming a code that could not be broken and preventing the Nazis from intercepting allied messages. The pair patented their invention in 1941 but alas (though I'm sure it had nothing to do with her gender) the significance of what Hedy had accomplished took a while to sink in but the 'spread spectrum technology' that she helped invent became the foundation of what is now used for mobile phones, and other wireless stuff. Mind-boggling don't you think? One can only wonder what a woman (even an 18-year-old one) will manage to do with nanotechnology...

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