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CM (not verified) October 16, 2012

Marga's mistake was not in picking the wrong example. Rather, he sadly mistook history for innovation in an age when the mere concept of "innovation" is outdated within a year. Does anyone in Silicone Valley care that this heating contraption was invented in Transylvania in the 19th century? The overarching problem here is that the current government chooses to fall back on historical commodities instead of actively encouraging and investing in 21st century scientific innovation. What notable discoveries were made by Romanian scientists IN Romania (with relevant govt or private support) in the last 20 years? THAT is what the ICR should be worried about.

Liz Galvez October 16, 2012

I don't know the answer to your question though I suspect that scientific research doesn't get much government funding. But aren't there modern-day success stories, eg in the IT sector, which could be publicised by ICR offices abroad?

Jovan Kurbalija October 16, 2012

Your example looks like an obsession in Serbia and Croatia with Nikola Tesla (two countries claim "the ownership" of Tesla who was Serb from Croatia). Today, like 100 years ago, Tesla would run away from the Balkans. Most likely, without membership in some of the local political parities, he would not be allowed to conduct his experiments at the local universities.

Naomi Leight, U... (not verified) October 24, 2012

Mrs. Galvez, you are absolutely correct - ministries of culture from around the world should think "outside the box" and see culture not through the traditional lens of the 20th century but through the eyes of the growing youth populations around the world who are focused on new mediums of culture. Science and technology from around the world are respected and extolled by nations even between those who aren't best of friends. Free and fair news media is another mode of which a country can promote it's national image. The start-up technology sector is another important one. Sports...the list goes on. The Romanian FM had the right idea...

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