Editor   05 May 2011   Brussels e-Briefings, Webinars

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A range of issues will be discussed during our upcoming webinar, on 5 May at 15:00 CET, themed Libya: a new beginning or the end for the 'responsibility to protect'?

The following are the questions which will be discussed: - After Osama Bin Laden, is NATO seeing more light at the end of the  tunnel in Afghanistan?

- Libya and the responsibility to protect: Is NATO winning the war against the Gaddafi regime, and can we surely say that the civilian population is getting adequate protection from the Alliance?

- Libya and the coalition: can the anti-Gaddafi alliance stay together if military operations continue longer than expected?

- Libya and humanitarian needs: is it time for a massive humanitarian operation?

- Finally, as far as Europe is concerned, is the EU applying double standards while bombing Libya and remaining passive towards Syria?

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