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[Webinar] Copyright infringement: from SOPA/PIPA to Megaupload

31 January 2012

[Update] Scroll down to the section ‘Also of Interest’ below to listen to or download an audio recording of the webinar.

Join us on Tuesday 31st January, at 14:00 GMT, for our end-of-month IG webinar, hosted by Dr Jovan Kurbalija. We will be discussing:

  • The US has shelved both SOPA and PIPA bills. Is the battle over?
  • What is an impact of the national legal and policy decisions on the global Internet (SOPA, Megaupload)?
  • No implementation without representation: Is the SOPA strike a harbinger of the new way of political organising and addressing legitimacy deficit in modern politics?

Registrations are now closed.


IG webinars: a monthly event

As of this month, our Internet governance webinars will become a regular appointment with you and the IG community. Every last week of the month, a special guest will host a discussion on the most pressing issues and the main developments in the IG world. 

Our line-up of hosts and topics for the next three months:
January: Jovan Kurbalija on copyright infringement
February: Sala Tamanikaiwaimaro on freedom of expression
March: Vladimir Radunovic on cybercrime

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