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Towards a Secure Cyberspace via Regional Cooperation

09 December 2016

[NEW] Event report is now available here.



13.00 – 13.15 Socialising, snacks and refreshments

13.15 – 13.25

Welcome remarks 

  • Frank Grütter
    UN GGE Expert, Head of Security Policy Division, Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs
  • Karsten Geier
    Chair of the UN GGE, Head of Cyber Policy Coordination Staff, German Federal Foreign Office

13.25 – 15.00

Panel and open discussion


  • Jovan Kurbalija
    Head of Geneva Internet Platform, Director of DiploFoundation


  • Ben Hiller
    Cyber Security Officer, Transnational Threats Department, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe
  • Moctar Yedaly
    Head, Information Society Division, African Union Commission 
  • Kerry-Ann Barrett
    Cyber Security Policy Specialist, Organization of American States
  • Henry Fox
    Director Cyber and Space Policy, International Security Division, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia
  • Aapo Cederberg
    Cyber Security Expert, Geneva Centre for Security Policy


Register by 23 November 2016. The number of participants is limited. If you are not a UN-badge holder, we will provide you with support to obtain entry to the event.


For additional information please contact Dr. Roxana Radu or Mr. Gregor Muischneek.


Since 2004 the UN General Assembly has mandated Groups of Governmental Experts (GGE) on Developments in the Field of Information and Telecommunications in the Context of International Security. In its 2015 report, the GGE has asked UN Member States to give active consideration to its recommendations on how to build an open, secure, stable, accessible and peaceful ICT-environment. While cybersecurity is of global concern, many effective solutions for a stable and secure cyberspace can be achieved at regional levels. The growing number of activities includes awareness building, training and information sharing and other confidence and capacity building measures. On the occasion of the 2nd session of the 2016-2017 GGE, this luncheon event convenes representatives of regional organizations, diplomats and cybersecurity experts to examine and debate the work of regional organizations as well as their interplay with the GGE and their role in the universalisation and operationalisation of the Group’s work. 

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