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biscott@diploma... February 18, 2013

I very much look forward to your posting on Smart Power, which, as I noted in my comment to your 'Kairos' blog, I have serious misgivings about. Meanwhile, thanks for your very interesting analysis of soft vs hard power in terms of clusivity (us vs you/them). I wonder which camp the expressions "to be volunteered into doing something" belongs! It would be valuable to draw up a collection of examples from diplomacy where such agentless coercion occurs, along with the more quotidian manipulation expressed in such phrases as: "you've left me no option but to choose X". Could you just clarify for me whether you haven't inverted 'soft' and 'hard' in your sentence: "“Soft” power would lead to annexation or its equivalent, while “hard” power would lead to alliances – based on GOETHE’s Alderking’s threat."

Aldo Matteucci February 18, 2013

Bi - the "soft power" topos is close to TROTSKY's view of revolution to be exported everywhere - and left to the local to adopt and adapt. It is opposed to STALIN's revolution in one country... But NYE would bristle at the connection =:)) Paradoxically, "soft" power leads to annexation (but for administrative convenience). The process of Sinisation of the once Nomadic Southern Hsiung-nu went through 3 stages, leading to stabilization, settlement, and then full incorporation into China (see YÜ: Trade and expansion in Han China). Did you know that for half of China's history the country was run by dynasties that were Sinisized, but not Han? PS I'm no longer in Han China, at the moment, I'm in COMANCHERIA - the invisible empire that ran the American South West until 1875. The Comanche had been expelled from the Great Plains in tatters. In three generations they "changed their minds", became horseriders, and exploited Mexico and the US to the hilt. The great question in human terms is: "why did they change their minds"?

Aldo Matteucci March 03, 2013

Fine. And what happens to the newsletter advertising in your own home?

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