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Aldo Matteucci October 12, 2012

Jovan, our ancestors on the Serengati probably held no discourse about s*t and toilet paper was not one of the 300 SKU (stock Keeping Units) of their life. This helps us visualize our "distance" from them. While the "brute facts" about ourselves may have changed little over time, we have created an infinite of infinitely complex "social realities" (John Searle). Internet's strength lies in changing "social reality" in untold ways, not in changing the way we satisfy individual needs. I'm fascinated by how we keep going back to the "individual" rather than the "social group" as the center of analysis. Part of it is "representative bias" (Kahneman): we can imagine the effect on an individual, declare him to be "representative", and that integrate over individuals to get the overall effect. It's an analogy that fails to take account of individual diversity as well as the emergent group interaction. The rest is - of course - ideology.

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