Editor   29 Mar 2011   Internet Governance

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Diplo will soon publish some of the best research policy papers on various IG and ICT policy issues, written by participants of the Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme 2010. The papers will also be posted online.

The papers mark the end of a very successful Research Implementation phase. The programme started off in February 2010 with the Foundation phase, followed by an Advanced and a Research phase. The participants then undertook the two-month phase to focus on writing their papers.

The papers cover various aspects of cybersecurity and child safety, social networks, and e-government and e-participation, as well as the use of ICT to promote human rights, effective bandwidth management on campus networks, and speeding up the deployment of ICT for development and for bridging the digital divide.

The papers will be published and posted online in the coming weeks. To receive updates, follow us on Twitter (@igcbp), and Facebook (www.facebook.com/igcbp), and join our online IG community network (www.diplointernetgovernance.org).

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