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Aldo Matteucci January 16, 2013

Katharina, the centralistic top-down approach has failed, you muse. Apart from the fact that in such complex issues directive "planning" is delusion, the core problem is that the approach has placed the "free-rider problem" at the center of the negotiation. It was built on suspicion and generated mistrust in all directions. Bad vibes have destroyed whatever will there was to cooperate - a tenuous plant that has to be nurtured with small recursive steps of good-will and confidence building measures (the Chinese way BTW). Rebuilding trust would seem to me the first priority, not negotiating new targets....

Katharina Hone January 17, 2013

Thanks Kevin and Aldo. Aldo, indeed, I am becoming more sceptical of top-down and centralistic approaches. Global climate diplomacy, while still needed, should aim to provide a framework. At the same time, it is becoming much more mainstream to change the focus from the global level to for example domestic climate legislation. ("Domestic climate laws are essential, says UN" Last but not least, good point on free-riding and trust. But as a concept, I don't "trust" trust. For negotiations, is trust really the appropriate word?

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