Stephanie Borg Psaila   07 Feb 2011   E-Diplomacy

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Economic Diplomacy: India's experience is a new publication, co-edited by Ambassador Kishan S. Rana and Mr Bipul Chatterjee. The book tells the story of India's economic diplomacy through a rich collection of 27 essays.

Three chapters are available for download at

The book will be launched by Indian Foreign Secretary Nirupama M. Rao on 28 February in New Delhi.

Excerpt: 'Economic diplomacy is a multi-hued activity, easy to describe in broad brushstrokes, but harder to pin down with precision. From the perspective of members of diplomatic and commercial or trade services, and those that are the ‘customers’ or users of these services, economic diplomacy is a plural set of practices, all aimed at advancing the home country’s external economic interests.' (Chapter 1: Introduction: The Role of Embassies)


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