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Laughter and diplomacy

Published on 01 October 2011
Updated on 05 April 2024

Augury of the two saints Han-shan and Shide

han shan Ha! Ha! Ha! If my expression is joyful I will feel less oppressed; Worldly troubles will be transformed into a joyful expression – To feel oppressed on behalf of others in the end is no help: The great Dao can still emerge in the midst of happiness. If the state is able to be happy; the sovereign and his ministers will unite in joy; In a joyful reception hall father and son will join together. Abundant happiness among brothers lets the thorned tree flourish; If husband and wife can be happy the will harmonize like the Qin and Se. How could host or guest tolerate a lack of pleasantness? If superior and subordinate have joyful sentiments, differentiation will be all the more strict. Ha! Ha! Ha! (probably Luo Ping, who also did the painting) I have argued for a role of poetry in diplomacy. This time, it is laughter. As Musashi says: one has to practice it every day.

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