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Ginger Paque September 10, 2012

You make a great point, De--one that supports my contention that I was a 'local' eparticipant... while those that travelled far to the meeting were actually 'remote'. I think that the so-called 'remote hubs' -- meetings held away from the main conference site, in parallel to a larger meeting, and allowing participants to view and eparticipate in the global event, while holding their own discussions and emphasizing their own significant issues (as Jovan says, not unlike watching a soccer game at a sports bar) without the investment of time, money and carbon footprint that travel requires -- should be called 'local hubs', and the far-away meetings (Baku? Dubai?) should be called 'remote'. So, 'where' is the meeting actually held, and who is really 'local'?

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