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Dotun Adewunmi (not verified) January 28, 2013

I followed the WCIT not much, just to inform me about major developments. From what I can understand, Internet Society was, or is, disappointed with Toure, or ITU, for claiming to be against a treaty, then reneging on the decision at the summit. When government is the only (main) actor in IG, we must understand then that with government comes politics and where there's politics there is also diplomacy. My point is that other actors and stakeholders perhaps ought to join forces and become more diplomatic in their engagement towards camps of opposing view points. That way less hearts will be broken and compromises will be more prepared for, from the beginning. And if a decision gets a unanimous vote, fine. Because the meetings have tremendous implications on the many other facets of the world, progression ought to instigated, based on the dynamism and flexibility that you get from diplomacy. Very enlightening interview!

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