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By Natasa Perucica on 22 May 2019 | From the channel/s: 

Legend has it that in the 13th century Dominican friar Albertus Magnus built an artificial ‘brazen head’ that could talk and answer any question asked. According to story, his student, philosopher Thomas Aquinas, eventually smashed the head for ‘talking too much’.

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By Marília Maciel on 16 Apr 2019 | From the channel/s: 

UNCTAD eCommerce Week took place from 1-5 April in Geneva, focusing on the theme ‘From Digitalization to Development’.

By Ilona Stadnik on 20 Mar 2019 | From the channel/s: 

In December 2018, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) approved the creation of two distinct groups to further explore issues related to responsible state behaviour in cyberspace: an Open-Ended Working Group (OEWG) and a new Group of Governmental Experts (GGE).

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By Andrijana Gavrilovic on 13 Mar 2019 | From the channel/s: 

Our March WebDebate explored conflicting narratives on immigration and delved into the challenges and opportunities of intercultural relations in the context of diplomatic practice.

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By Editor on 5 Feb 2019 | From the channel/s: 

Populism is spreading. The global economy is more fragile. A trade war between the USA and China is under way. And tech companies are arousing growing angst. This is how The Economist has described the start of 2019.

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By Katharina Hone and Eline Chivot on 1 Feb 2019 | From the channel/s: 

The event The impact of AI on diplomacy and international relations, organised by the Center for Data Innovation and DiploFoundation, brought together over 150 people – diplom

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By Natasa Perucica and Katarina Andjelkovic on 30 Jan 2019 | From the channel/s: 

Since its creation, the Internet has been regarded as a world of opportunities. Whereas it gives access to information, knowledge, and ideas, and contributes to faster communication and new business models, online engagement can also result in negative consequences that must be addressed.

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By Darija Medic on 30 Jan 2019 | From the channel/s: 

Have you seen the recent 10-year challenge on social media - people posting their personal photos from 2008 and 2018 side by side?

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By Natasa Perucica on 29 Jan 2019 | From the channel/s: 

The United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR) together with the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) held a workshop on The Role of Regional Organizations in Strengthening Cybersecurity and Stability.


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