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By Sorina Teleanu on 25 Mar 2018 | From the channel/s: 

The increasingly digitalised world, the sharing economy, and the ongoing developments in automation and AI bring changes to the world of work.

By Félix Blanc and Florence Poznanski on 8 Jan 2018 | From the channel/s: 

Brazil is about to welcome a new submarine cable linking Latin America to Europe: ELLALINK.

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By Editor on 5 Dec 2017 | From the channel/s: 

In November, Diplo celebrated 15 years of DiploFoundation and 25 years of research and training o

By Ryan Gener on 20 Nov 2017 | From the channel/s: 

For many countries, the specific locus of citizen and other data for jurisdictional purposes is the data’s actual location. However, jurisdiction should be framed from a data processing and transfer perspective, and multilateral trade rules may serve as a guide to this approach.

By Rawl Prescott on 10 Oct 2017 | From the channel/s: 

Data and statistics have been gaining increased attention at the global level.  One of the main discussions right now surrounds the value and use of data.

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By Jovan Kurbalija on 24 Jul 2017 | From the channel/s: 

Six months into 2017, the digital weather remains unsettled. Various crises brought occasional storms. Internet growth and innovation triggered a few sunny spells.

By Dane Burkholder on 29 May 2017 | From the channel/s: 

In the coming years, increasingly sophisticated big data analytics techniques will enable advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and automation technologies.

By Dane Burkholder on 22 May 2017 | From the channel/s: 

Big data is high-volume, high-velocity, high-variety, and high-veracity data generated by digital devices. Over the past decade, efforts to harness this data for predictive purposes have increased dramatically in all areas of society, including the private, public, and civil sectors.

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By Barbara on 16 May 2017 | From the channel/s: 

Digital devices play an increasingly central role in many people's lives and analogue tools are becoming quickly outdated. Phone books, travel agencies, and taxi companies are becoming obsolete with the advent of mobile phones, Airbnb, Uber, and countless other online solutions.


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