Burundi Youth Training Center

Burundi Youth Training Center is a youth-managed ICT training institution catering to economically disadvantaged youth. 

Our aim is to empower youths and to encourage ICT competencies as a way to enter the job market.

Since 1998, we have grown from a small youth center to a fully equipped center providing ICT-based services to the local community (for example, by providing secretariat activities, business cards, invitations, etc).

Through financial support from various donors, BYTC's facilities and services have continued to expand. BYTC has collaborated with the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie and Africa computing in providing training workshops on computer maintenance and networking and web design.

Since January 2006, the “Computer Learning Caravan for Secondary Schools of Burundi” was introduced focusing on providing ICT within the Burundian education system. Computers were installed in classrooms to train teachers, students and other staff members on ICT basics. A computing club was set up within the school to encourage proper computer usage by all users. 

Over 400 participants have been trained since 1998. In 2007, BYTC relocated to the Ecole Indépendante de Bujumbura. Currently, our new location allows us to expand our training to include participants from the University of Ntare Rugamba.

Website: www.bytc.bi