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DiploFoundation is a Swiss-Maltese foundation which is legally incorporated in Malta.


Diplo has a small, flexible structure: 28 managerial, research, technical, and administrative employees and around 50 teaching staff, tutors, coordinators, and project-related consultants. We turn over a yearly budget of about €1.5 million.

You can download our latest Annual Reports for 2013, 2014 and 2015 (PDF format; Adobe Acrobat required) or read them online from our Annual Reports page.


In 2015, 504 participants from 127 countries around the world attended 25 Diplo online courses: 32% diplomats, 16% civil servants, 22% staff of international organisations, 15% representatives of business and civil society, and 6% from from academia. The female/male ratio was approximately 46:54. The table below summarises online course statistics for the last three years.

We consistently achieve good results in community building: at present in our Internet governance community more than 1600 community members participate in 46 active  discussion groups. Members of the Internet governance community network and build their own initiatives following common interests.


  2013 2014 2015
Number of online courses 28 28 25
Number of online course participants 496 581 504
Number of countries represented 132 118 127


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