Post-2012 research

Following the completion of the pilot phase of The Emerging Language of Internet Diplomacy, covering IGF meetings from 2006 till 2011, the project team continued to database transcripts, mapping each intervention according to stakeholder, country of origin, session and other categorisation parameters. The team then ran its first content analysss, which was presented at the 2012 IGF in Baku, and continued its data-mining analysis during subsequent IGF meetings, including the NETmundial meeting held in March 2014. The following is a summary of the findings of data-mining analysis carried out in recent months, following the completion of the pilot phase:

2015 and current research

In 2015, the team looked the IGF 2015 transcripts and social media to analyse the relevance of digital policy issues and the semantic context in relation to the WSIS+10 process. The analysis was presented on a webpage deciated to IGF 2015 on the GIP Digital Watch observatory.

The analysis was then expanded to the Internet governance in online media month-by-month. Through a new application, the IG Barometer of Online Media reflects the status of the digital policy debate as represented in the media. Every month, the barometer processes thousands of texts to determine the relevance, relationships between one issue and another, and other data related to each of the 40 digital policy issues represented on the GIP Digital Watch observatory.

The team is preparing to analyise the IGF 2016 transcripts.

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