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About the 2012 Calendar

Modern diplomacy is in crisis. Climate change negotiations are stuck. The latest round of trade negotiations within WTO membership - the Doha Round - is close to collapse. Various financial crises have shown us that we need much better financial regulation. Food security, migration, disarmament, and Internet governance are some of the areas that require global arrangements. Most of these problems are highly complex.

Attempts at a solution often only transform these problems rather than solving them. The search for optimal solutions deals with the complex nature of problems and politically different interests. Very often, the challenges are of a managerial and organisational nature. They require more creative and out-of-the-box thinking. 

Diplo addresses the challenges facing modern diplomacy through awareness building, training, and research activities. This calendar explores in both a serious and lighthearted way, some elements of interpersonal relationships and management that can make a difference.

You can see the 2012 calendar in the PDF-version.


2012 Calendar Images

You can see the images for each month at the printed calendar:


January 2012 - Budget Cuts

February 2012 - Administrivia

March 2012 - Credibility

April 2012 - Reputation

May 2012 - Incompetence

June 2012 - Reports

July 2012 - Training

August 2012 - Delegation

September 2012 - Multitasking

October 2012 - Success

November 2012 - Reorganisation

December 2012 - Risk Management


If you would like to receive the printed copy of the 2012 calendar, please let us know your address.

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